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…on brain freeze and the trauma of suicide

Break the pattern… that was the directive from my heart as I was working on an advocacy approach to ending bullying in October of 2013.  I had spent a lifetime overcoming those patterns in my own life and felt pretty successful in helping my… Continue Reading “…on brain freeze and the trauma of suicide”

… on knowing better and “no-ing” better

  To tell the truth, I should have known better. I mean, doing a post about parenting a pre-teen through the perilous waters of social media is just asking for trouble, right?  I knew opening the conversation would open the door for me to… Continue Reading “… on knowing better and “no-ing” better”

…on the deep dive into social media

There is nothing like middle school to fire up the angst engine… for parents.  Sure, sure… my daughter was nervous the first week worrying about what she would wear and doing her hair and trying out for volleyball but, 10 days into the school… Continue Reading “…on the deep dive into social media”

…on the eye of the beholder

On the second day of January, this year, I found myself wandering around a cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts… at sunset.  Given the historical context of the area, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to stop there.  Given the timing of this stop on my… Continue Reading “…on the eye of the beholder”

…on untangling the strings of light

My 11-year old daughter just left the house to go meet her new baby sister.  The changes that have unfolded in her life, that have led to this moment, have been touched on in these posts, but they don’t have to be known to… Continue Reading “…on untangling the strings of light”

…on enjoying this slice of life

“Pretty’s not a pie that there’s only so much of…” That’s how I began a book I wrote for my daughter when she was 5.  She was beginning to experience the subtle peer messaging that is aimed at how we look and as she… Continue Reading “…on enjoying this slice of life”

…on the (not so) delicate dance of hope

Dance routine… That pairing of words has never, ever, made sense to me.  Because, as a noun, routine is simply a sequence of actions or a fixed program and when used as a descriptor it’s something performed as part of a regular procedure rather… Continue Reading “…on the (not so) delicate dance of hope”

…acknowledging the judge

It’s a simple photo.  A single microphone on a stage brought to life by the spotlight.  There are no humans in the shot but the image, taken at a music festival this past weekend, brought me to tears.  It is quite dramatic… and I… Continue Reading “…acknowledging the judge”

… on smellers, fellers and other games of blame

Be like my dog, Shiner, and own what stinks. But… if you must blame someone, #blamebill.  I tip my hat to him for being willing to make change.  

…on the beauty of going nowhere, fast

  Somewhere between early September and late October, last year, something in my life shifted.  Imperceptibly, at first, but I must have made a wish, or something, that changed the degree of an internal guidance system, just enough, to land me, in a basket… Continue Reading “…on the beauty of going nowhere, fast”